I visited Shane’s Book Blog today and read of babies being killed in an abortion clinic. I’m not speaking of abortion, I’m speaking of live babies being murdered when they didn’t die during the abortion.

A few days ago I read of two young men killing a child and shooting his mother because they were not given what they had no right to.

So….I went on a search of the internet. In less than 5 minutes I had over a hundred other stories of similar incidents since the first of the year. Incidents from all over the world.

A mother in Japan went on vacation in Canada with her boyfriend and left her two children, a 5 year old and an 18 month old, for two weeks – not for the first time – and came home to find that, SURPRISE!, they starved to death while she was gone. And the list goes on and on.

What kind of people are being born into our world who can do these things without remorse? Without guilt? Without compassion? Without a second thought for anyone but themselves? Without any of the normal human emotions?

Can these ‘people’ even be considered human? Surely not! Surely they must be invaders from another dimension, or another planet where emotions are similar to what we here on Earth would expect from reptiles. At least, that is how I have to think of them in order to wrap my mind and emotions around the heinous, thoughtless, selfish, despicable things they do.

I mentioned some of this in a posting a few days ago, but I never imagined it was this widespread, this much of an epidemic. But, having discovered all this today, I can not write a happy poem. Today my thoughts are dark and red and roiling; my pen can only reflect what is in my mind.

Child's grave

Baby killed by the hand of another:
Death by Surprise
Fear in a child’s eyes
culminates in blood flowing.
Parent’s heart shatters.

Baby killed by starvation:
Death by Neglect
Tiny bodies fail.
Distant mothers laugh and dance,
while eyes glaze in filth.

Near full term baby killed after birth by ‘abortionist’:
Death by Plan
Late termination
of womb accumulation?
Brain amputation.


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