New Life – A Haiku

October 28, 2015


Photo taken June 2014 in Bromont, Quebec by V.Kayuk.

New Life

By Kayuk

New essense of Life

this miracle before us

no eye has yet seen.


Making Tomorrow – A Haiku

October 27, 2015


Photo taken June 2014 in Bromont, Quebed by V.Kayuk


By Kayuk

I dream tomorrow

into existence each night

I dream carefully

Dreams – A Haiku

October 26, 2015

photo of pink flower bud

Photo taken June 9, 2014 in Bromont, Quebec by V.Kayuk.


By Kayuk

With eyes wide open

I dream not of what is now

but of what will be

Knee Haiku

May 22, 2013

It’s so amazing what they can do with modern surgical proceedures. My knee feels like an alien grafting, but with 5 small bandaides you can conceal every incision. As Spock would say, “Fascinating!”

Good Knee

kneesBend, stretch, step, crawl, leap,

no matter what you’re doing

you need a good knee

Knee Meaning

Hot and fevered joint,

why do you torture me now?

I treated you well.

Bad Knee

Heat builds to boiling;

Ice pack elicits shocked squeals.

Oh no! A bad knee?


Skin stretched shiny taut

bulges out where dents should be.

Swelling binds my knee.

Thank YouFriends #1
Do ya need help now?
Who are you gonna call first?
Who will you allow?

Friends #2
I need a shoulder,
a safe place to shed some tears.
I can count on you.

Friends #3
I am here for you,
no matter what you do.
I’ll always stand true.

Thanks to you all for befriending and ‘following’ me through this month as I developed my ‘poetic voice’. Thanks especially to those of you who left comments and those who nominated me for awards. I’m sorry time didn’t allow me to follow the process, but I promise after I catch up on a week’s worth of lost sleep I’ll properly thank you and pay it all forward.

I have enjoyed the process this month, and it has achieved what–I believe–it was designed for: to give the creative juices a big kick in the butt and get them activated again. And it has certainly worked for me! I’ve posted more in this month than I’ve posted in the last three years. I’m going to work very hard to keep this level of productivity going.

All the best to each and every one of you,


Sorry my friends, I have been off line for several days due to a month end crush to get some things completed. ARGH!! Now I have about 30 minutes to get three days worth of poetry out, along with photos, etc.

Well, no need to panic, a girl can only do what a girl can do so…..sit back, take a deep breath, and let my mind run free…..


Horse Haiku #1, ‘Full Alert’
‘Full Alert’ is my horse,
aptly named for attitude,
and size of her ears.


Horse Haiku #2, ‘Full Radar Alert’
This foal was born tall,
Couldn’t find her grocery stores.
Could use a ‘Radar’.


Horse Haiku #3, ‘Full Tesla’
Third generation,
Elegantly electric.
‘Tesla’ says it all.


Expectant Felines
Expectant Felines
find comfort in strange places
just before birthing.


Newborn Kittens
Staggering fur balls,
strange mewling, sucking noises;
new kittens nursing.


Seems to me that kittens
romp like crazy between feeds,
then sleep in soft balls.


Cattens spend their time
practicing mouse destruction
on other cattens.


Cats sleep in the sink,
and tell wild tales every night
of their catten days.


Failing Dog

My dog loves me well,

this even strangers can tell.

but she is not well.


Dog Healer

God made dogs so kind

’cause people have broken minds;

their souls dogs will find.


Dog Love

Love shines from dogs’ eyes

while family ignores them.

And hearts are hungry.

It seems that I write Haiku in sets of three for some reason…and I seem to be stuck on Haiku. LOL! Who would have thunk it?


When I see your face
I smile uncontrollably
in the glow of love.

Should you ever need,
I am always there for you;
rain, wind, storm or sun.

I know what I want,
it is just outside my grasp,
but I will reach it.

I visited Shane’s Book Blog today and read of babies being killed in an abortion clinic. I’m not speaking of abortion, I’m speaking of live babies being murdered when they didn’t die during the abortion.

A few days ago I read of two young men killing a child and shooting his mother because they were not given what they had no right to.

So….I went on a search of the internet. In less than 5 minutes I had over a hundred other stories of similar incidents since the first of the year. Incidents from all over the world.

A mother in Japan went on vacation in Canada with her boyfriend and left her two children, a 5 year old and an 18 month old, for two weeks – not for the first time – and came home to find that, SURPRISE!, they starved to death while she was gone. And the list goes on and on.

What kind of people are being born into our world who can do these things without remorse? Without guilt? Without compassion? Without a second thought for anyone but themselves? Without any of the normal human emotions?

Can these ‘people’ even be considered human? Surely not! Surely they must be invaders from another dimension, or another planet where emotions are similar to what we here on Earth would expect from reptiles. At least, that is how I have to think of them in order to wrap my mind and emotions around the heinous, thoughtless, selfish, despicable things they do.

I mentioned some of this in a posting a few days ago, but I never imagined it was this widespread, this much of an epidemic. But, having discovered all this today, I can not write a happy poem. Today my thoughts are dark and red and roiling; my pen can only reflect what is in my mind.

Child's grave

Baby killed by the hand of another:
Death by Surprise
Fear in a child’s eyes
culminates in blood flowing.
Parent’s heart shatters.

Baby killed by starvation:
Death by Neglect
Tiny bodies fail.
Distant mothers laugh and dance,
while eyes glaze in filth.

Near full term baby killed after birth by ‘abortionist’:
Death by Plan
Late termination
of womb accumulation?
Brain amputation.

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