Trust a Dove
‘Tis a long sad tale I’m here to tell
of five lost years in the depths of hell.
Many friends, who knew me well,
know of events that wove the spell
and locked me in a self-made cell
through five long years of dark unwell.

The gate, locked tight through all those years,
was covered with rust of lost hopes and fears.
Emotions were draped in thin veneers
while wistful fingers held souvenirs;
memories of smiles from long past years.
My eyes often leaked scalding tears.

But years flow past and all the while
in a labeled box there grows a file
of every step taken, each memoried mile,
all carefully stacked, labeled and filed.
While I walked backwards across dark isle,
My life has morphed to a brand new style.

For long years past, blow by blow,
romance came in books starring handsome beau,
who lived on a hill in a quaint chateaux
with a deep dark past and an evil foe.
All desire I gave up, I’d rather not know
the feel inside of a heart all aglow.

But in through my cloud, all dusty with soot
came a dove for my heart and away it flew.
No, I wasn’t worried because I knew
that my heart was shriveled, dried through and through.
So the bird took my heart but I could make do
’cause who needs a heart with a blind point of view.

More months passed and a knight did I meet,
emotionally tired from recent defeat,
when down swooped that bird, dropped my heart at his feet!
I expected to see a hasty retreat,
instead, our eyes met, my heart started to beat.
He bent down for a kiss, thank you God, life is sweet.



Rain Tax

Once upon a winter’s eve
no taxes did we pay.
They called the vote,
and voted we,
and with our vote said, “NAY!”

But they were politicians – sly
and so they played their hand;
a whisper there,
a promised lie,
and soon they taxed our land.

With that small toe within the door
the weed of tax grew strong.
They taxed at work
and taxed at store;
They taxed hard, deep and long.

We’ll not escape throughout our life
though taxes drain us dry.
So though we work
from morn to night
our end is never nigh.

For after taxing school and bread,
clothes, TV, and phone,
they even tax
us after death.
No shelter from the storm.

I heard they’re adding one more tax,
they’ll tax us now for rain.
I wonder how
will we react
when we get taxed for pain.

For those of you who don’t believe there is such a thing as a Rain Tax, check out this link and be shocked:

Heaven’s Portal

The green of grass, the blue of sky,
a mother’s touch, a baby’s cry,
my cup flows over, all is good…
In Heaven’s portal I have stood.


Years ago when I lived in the Florida Keys there was a phenomenon I observed only a few times in the two years I was there. All things came together in harmony….

I went to work just before sun-up from Long Key across the Three Mile Bridge (which was only two lanes wide at that time); the tide was in mid change as I crossed the bridge; the air was perfectly calm. The water was as still as glass as far as the eye could see and reflected the blue of the sky like a mirror in such a way that it was impossible to tell where water ended and sky began. I drove across the bridge with my heart in my throat and the most extraordinarily awesome visual and spiritual impression of driving across the sky. It was one of those mystical experiences akin to touching the hand of God.

The Bridge To Heaven

I rise from bed five minutes slow,
brush my teeth, comb my hair,
throw on clothes, and race to the car…
Hurry! Hurry! Or I’ll be late!

The engine turns over, I hit the gas,
gravel flies, and tires skid,
then speeding along on an empty road…
Hurry! Hurry! Or I’ll be late!

Pavement is clear ahead of me,
bridge and sky and glass-calm sea,
so pure and still, such serenity….
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

Transported am I to fantasy,
heart in throat I stare ahead
at bridge extending through the sky….
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

My heart swells and suddenly
I sense a shift in reality,
the bridge to Heaven, can this be?
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

Tears track my cheeks, I creep along
to drink the view and hear the song
Angels sing at times like these…
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

I reach the end of magic bridge
and wish the trip had longer gone.
Could I have seen far white gates?
if I had slowed a little more?

Continued I to work that day
but I would never be the same
since Heaven’s Bridge I have seen…
My eyes see God in everything.


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