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Full Bratzina

Everyone Needs a Hobby

My mother often tells how disappointed she was when my first word was not ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’. Oh no, it came from left field like a slap in the face, ‘Horsey!’

Later, as if to confirm my life’s direction, my first sentence was, ‘Horsey! I want one!’ I remember none of this, but apparently even my baby brain was set on horses.

For long years my horses were Christmas and birthday gifts of the plastic or stuffed variety. I learned to draw horses, I made up stories about horses, and when I learned to read I went through every horse book in the library.

So, horses were in my life, but not of it until I was well into my twenties, and it wasn’t until I had gone through a marriage, a divorce, and was established in a second marriage that I acquired my first horse. This does not mean that horses weren’t part of my life, only that I wasn’t part of theirs. And, although I had a short flirtation with horses in fourth grade when the family moved to Missouri, I never had one of my own until I moved to Canada with Ted.

Ted was not a lover of horses, but he supported me in whatever I wanted to do. So….it wasn’t long after moving to Canada with him that I discovered the National Capital Equestrian Park (NCEP) and started taking English riding lessons.

Over the course of the next 35 years horses were to play a huge part in my life and his. Mine because I would acquire first a few geldings, then a few mares, eventually they would be bred, and the next thing I knew I would have more horses than space on the property. And I never once considered the possibility of stopping – or even slowing down.

I discovered through this time that horses listen and do not judge, that the most spooky horse will let you sob all over it and offer comfort and a warm shoulder, and that the birth of a foal can have far-reaching consequences.

Some of my best memories are of meeting friends at horse shows and hearing stories of happenings with their foals or horses in training or just farm life in general. If you have stories please feel free to post them in the ‘Comments’ sections. At the end of each week the most interesting story from all the pages here will be posted as the story of the day.

This is a story about finding myself, acquiring stability, taking on responsibility, birth of foals, and the trauma of having to sell one of your ‘babies’ to feed the rest. Enter at your own risk.


2 Responses to “Why Horses??”

  1. kayuk said

    It was well worth it because, in the midst of trauma was love, excitement, happiness, and an active live that was the source of many rich memories. And, through it all, joy in the birth of new foals, acquisition of kittens, and the addition of Rally Dog to the farm menagerie.

  2. I’m beginning to realize what a coward I could be … I could not bear to be in the midst of such trauma.

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