Having the Blues

June 21, 2015

Porcelain Doll

My Best Writing

is done when I’m in a blue funk. 

OK. Maybe that’s not exactly true, maybe it’s not my BEST writing, but it’s certainly my MOST writing.

Why is that?

Why don’t I feel inspired to write when I’m ecstatic, or quiet, or bored?

Is it the primordial cry for help? As in, “Help! I’m sinking! and I’m not sure I can remember how to swim”?

Is it a spoiled brat cry for attention? As in, “Look at me! I’m so sad! Doesn’t someone want to pay attention to me or entertain me?”

Is it a feeling of separation from the rest of humanity? As in, “Why am I over here when everyone else is over there? What is my purpose in life?

Is it lonliness kicking in? 

Or anxiety over work, income, school schedule?

Or just one of those phases that comes and goes with the proximity of the moon?

Whatever it is

it’s making me crazy today.

Yesterday I was fine. Tonight I’ll probably be fine. Right now I’m feeling like dust in the wind with no purpose, destination or control.

Maybe that’s the answer!

Just go back to my true desire.

Peel the skin off the onion…What do I honestly want?

What is the best plan to get it?

What is the first step to take me there?

NO! It’s none of that surface flotsam!

It’s simple, really.

Happiness, satisfaction, contentment, joy…in fact, any and every emotion known to man (or woman) can only come from inside. No outside force or event can ever bring a change in anyone’s emotional state unless it is allowed to have an effect.

I have the blues because I have sought out this emotional state for some reason.

It is completely and totally my choice and I can as readilly choose another state of mind.

And so…for the balance of this day I choose to be in a positive state of mind; to be content with my surroundings and the pace at which they change; to fold up the emotions that are less than positive into a tiny piece of nothing and throw them away, then have them come back painted happy so I can unfold them and repost them all around me in a different state of light.

What a Difference a Shift in Perspective can Make!

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