Diary of a Not Quite Dingo

July 26, 2013

Awesome post. I feel your pain. Especially the tongue in the mouth …..euuwwww!

Two on a Rant

Facebook sent a reminder that I had posted this 3 years ago. It is still just as true today.  Thought I’d RE-POST & share the joy that is the Dingo Mutt newer readers.


6:30am SQUEALLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Yip, Yip, WhIsTlE, wHiStLe! The sun’s out! Time to get up. Why is my human covering her head with a pillow? Isn’t sunlight fun? Why is she so upset that I got her up at midnight, 3 and 5? I sleep all day. I was bored. I made my signature high pitched noise to honor her with it and…and she covered her ears? Doesn’t she know anything about dingoes? I’m so insulted.

7:00am My human still refuses to get up. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I jumped on her stomach. She screamed and turned on her side. I stuck my nose in her butt. She turned to the other side. I know! I’ll lick her toes! She yelled at…

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