Of Dogs, Knee Surgery, and Large Horses (Part 7)

June 3, 2013

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Of Dogs, Knee Surgery, and Large Horses, Part 7

Before I had knee surgery I had worked my way down to only two horses left for me, personally, to look after, although I still owned seven in total. Two mares were at the farm where I lived (I looked after these), two were in training across town, Olivia was leased for breeding and living in Virginia, Radar was out on trial, and Candy was leased for riding in Ocala.

The day before my surgerygray horse with riderI recieved a message from the breeder that the farm where Olivia was staying had been sold and she had to ship Olivia back ASAP–at least until she could find a new farm. In a panic, I called her, explained my situation, and asked her to please hold on to Olivia for a few weeks until I could walk again. What a nice lady! Even though she had only 30 days to find homes for all her horses, her boarder’s horses, and Olivia, she graciously agreed to keep her as long as she could, and I determined to get back on my feet as soon as possible.

Then I fell after surgery and realized that I might not be able to take over my responsibilities as quickly or as easily as I had originally thought and planned.

So, I pulled the thinking cap out of the closet and started to brainstormWhat action did I have to take in order to permanently cut down on my upcoming and ongoing responsibilities requiring mobility, and how could it be done as fast as possible? The list I came up with was fairly short, and at the top was “find new homes for some of the horses”. To that end I made the following list:

  1. Ask my trainer to search for a buyer for Zena, the very talented but green 14.3 hand jumper he was working with. She is small but jumps like a cricket and loves it. Also, she rides much larger than she is due to her big barrel and matching stride.
  2. Remind him of the 16.3 hand green mare I have here at the farm with the beautiful floating stride and mellow temperament.
  3. Let him know that Olivia, who is now officially not rideable but would be an awesome broodmare, is coming back in a few weeks.

bay horse being ledDuring the course of our conversation I found out that, the mare who was out on trial had been deliberately scaring her young rider and they were sending her back. Can things continue to get any worse???

I continued to brainstorm and decided that the best thing was for Olivia to stay in Virginia. How could I make this happen? I put together a proposal, called the breeder who was leasing Olivia, and made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. I knew she was infatuated with Olivia and that Olivia loved being on her farm. Two days later I got a response that a check was in the mail. Woo Hoo!! One down, five to go!

computer screenMeantime, Monday finally came and I reached the surgeon’s office. The receptionist took my ‘I fell on my bad knee and finally got back up’ story, commiserated, and told me that she would ask the doctor about it before he started with his next patient, then call me back.

It wasn’t long before the phone rang and I was told that the only way the doctor would be able to tell if things were damaged inside the knee was to wait and do an exam in two weeks when the knee had time to heal a bit. He would also take an x-ray at that time and, if necessary, send me for another MRI.So….I sat propped up in my bed Monday evening and thought about the events of the weekend. In the end I decided that everything had pretty much balanced out:

  • I fell on my injured knee, but the nerve block prevented me from feeling any pain or tensing the muscles and probably causing major damage;
  • I had to wait another two weeks to find out if there was damage to the freshly repaired ACL, but there was almost no pain, which indicated to the doctor that there was little to no damage, and in any case we wouldn’t have known if the surgery was a success until that time;
  • one horse that had been out on trial was being shipped back in disgrace, but another that had been merely leased was now permanently sold.
  • I had surgery on Friday, it was now Monday. The last of the drugs were beginning to wear out of my system. I was not in any real pain.

The only thing that was beginning to be something of a concern was ….. how was I going to get into my raised bath tub for a shower??

To be continued…


6 Responses to “Of Dogs, Knee Surgery, and Large Horses (Part 7)”

  1. m33s66vr said

    It appears you’re maintaining good ‘horse sense’, while working things out. Stay calm – when possible! Hang in there… :o)

    • kayuk said

      Thanks for traveling from Canada to Florida and helping me out. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. You pretty much single handedly kept me sane for a whole week. You don’t know what a monumental achievement that is!

  2. Valerie said

    It is amazing how we can actually work it all out slowly. I tend to
    get into a hurry instead of just trusting that it WILL all work out
    for the BEST!

    • kayuk said

      Absolutely! Instant gratification is usually the order of the day with no thought to taking the time to do it right the first time.

  3. floridaborne said

    Yep. Up again at 12:45am. Never ask that question, “Can things get any worse?” The universe has a tendency to show you how much worse it can get.

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