Day 11 NaPoWriMo – Rain Tax

April 11, 2013


Rain Tax

Once upon a winter’s eve
no taxes did we pay.
They called the vote,
and voted we,
and with our vote said, “NAY!”

But they were politicians – sly
and so they played their hand;
a whisper there,
a promised lie,
and soon they taxed our land.

With that small toe within the door
the weed of tax grew strong.
They taxed at work
and taxed at store;
They taxed hard, deep and long.

We’ll not escape throughout our life
though taxes drain us dry.
So though we work
from morn to night
our end is never nigh.

For after taxing school and bread,
clothes, TV, and phone,
they even tax
us after death.
No shelter from the storm.

I heard they’re adding one more tax,
they’ll tax us now for rain.
I wonder how
will we react
when we get taxed for pain.

For those of you who don’t believe there is such a thing as a Rain Tax, check out this link and be shocked:


9 Responses to “Day 11 NaPoWriMo – Rain Tax”

  1. Wow… How about instead of taxing us for every little thing, maybe cut the spending on military just a little? At least to cover our beloved veterans when they return home. This is just ridiculous. Rich people looking for ways to get richer. I agree with the first comment – this is highly original. Poetry has become so overrun with cliches that its nice to see something different for a change! (Don’t get me wrong I love dark, sad, emotional, and love-filled poetry but this is a nice change of scenery!) ^_^

    • kayuk said

      Thanks for your comment. I started doing the NaPoWriMo Challenge to kick-start my writing because it’s been a while since I felt motivated to do anything. At first it was a stress to get anything out in time, and I was covering the same topics that you find everywhere, but then I started seeing articles and remembering stories and I realized that there are millions of other topics. Since I tend to write about whatever is on my mind at the moment, I just converted ‘short story’ to ‘poem’ and I was off to the races! I’ve been having a blast and feeling incredibly creative ever since.

      By the way, the information in the poem is historically correct, and I agree, veterans are more deserving of our tax dollars than politicians. I recently read about veterans living in cardboard boxes in a northern city. Sounds like a topic for a future poem.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Vickie

  2. m33s66vr said

    You’ve definitely hit upon an interesting subject for poetry! Also, I would suggest we are already heavily taxed for pain…

  3. floridaborne said

    A poem about taxes. If that isn’t original, I don’t know what is. 🙂

    Perhaps there’s a poem inside you about the relevant elephant of big government spending? Government can’t change water to wine, but they can sure as hell change wine to sewerage. That, like passing useless laws, is a talent no one but another politician cares to replicate. Are those the same people who think that “or change” rhymes with “orange”? Try making that into monetary marmalade. That’s right, the federal reserve continues trying to sell us that swill. Eww…That has effectively ruined my appetite. I think I’m too sick to continue.

    • kayuk said

      There is certainly no shortage of taxes, or of completely insane laws. In fact, it’s quite educational to research some of the old laws on the books that have never been changed. At least one state still has a law allowing a man has the right to beat his wife with a ‘reasonable object’. Doesn’t say which of them is to define ‘reasonable’.

  4. I really enjoyed how you made a totally horrid subject enjoyable to read and yes, freaking rain tax. Who’d have ever imagined such a thing?

    • kayuk said

      Hold on to your hat, I can see it on the horizon….Air tax. What is the estimated number of breaths the average person takes in a year? How much CO2 does this produce? How much does it cost to clean that CO2 from the air (if we actually bothered to clean it?) Do we charge athletes more? What about animals that you own? How do we prevent non-payers from breathing air that is paid for by others? Do politicians breathe free? What about prisoners? And patients on oxygen? Oooo……the possibilities are endless….

    • kayuk said

      Thanks Donna! A friend sent me the article on rain tax and I was so shocked that I couldn’t let it slide. I had to write about it in the hopes that the informaion would get out to more people.

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