Day 7 NaPoWriMo – The Bridge To Heaven

April 7, 2013


Years ago when I lived in the Florida Keys there was a phenomenon I observed only a few times in the two years I was there. All things came together in harmony….

I went to work just before sun-up from Long Key across the Three Mile Bridge (which was only two lanes wide at that time); the tide was in mid change as I crossed the bridge; the air was perfectly calm. The water was as still as glass as far as the eye could see and reflected the blue of the sky like a mirror in such a way that it was impossible to tell where water ended and sky began. I drove across the bridge with my heart in my throat and the most extraordinarily awesome visual and spiritual impression of driving across the sky. It was one of those mystical experiences akin to touching the hand of God.

The Bridge To Heaven

I rise from bed five minutes slow,
brush my teeth, comb my hair,
throw on clothes, and race to the car…
Hurry! Hurry! Or I’ll be late!

The engine turns over, I hit the gas,
gravel flies, and tires skid,
then speeding along on an empty road…
Hurry! Hurry! Or I’ll be late!

Pavement is clear ahead of me,
bridge and sky and glass-calm sea,
so pure and still, such serenity….
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

Transported am I to fantasy,
heart in throat I stare ahead
at bridge extending through the sky….
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

My heart swells and suddenly
I sense a shift in reality,
the bridge to Heaven, can this be?
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

Tears track my cheeks, I creep along
to drink the view and hear the song
Angels sing at times like these…
Slow down! Stop! And let me see!

I reach the end of magic bridge
and wish the trip had longer gone.
Could I have seen far white gates?
if I had slowed a little more?

Continued I to work that day
but I would never be the same
since Heaven’s Bridge I have seen…
My eyes see God in everything.


6 Responses to “Day 7 NaPoWriMo – The Bridge To Heaven”

  1. m33s66vr said

    I like the imagery! I don’t expect I’ll discover God though…

    • kayuk said

      The good thing is that you’re free to choose – or not choose – as you desire. Not trying to convert anyone, and my view of ‘God’ is probably not anything like most views in any case.

  2. floridaborne said

    Brings back memories of going over the Golden Gate bridge into San Francisco to work and back through Marin County. To see the sun rise above the fog, to see the sparkle of a clear summer sunset over the water were gifts appreciated. It was the one time in life when a little gridlock was a blessing.

    • kayuk said

      Hard to believe there are people who are so tied into their own blinkered world that they don’t see or find themselves touched to the soul by such sights. Whether you think of it as Nature in all her spectacular glory or the Spirit In The Sky is not the issue. What is important is that a person still has the capacity to feel…to be touched… to revel in the extraordinary beauty they are lucky enough to happen upon.

  3. shanesbookblog said

    Hey Vickie, Don’t know if you accept awards, But I nominated you for the Inspiring blogger award, if you don’t accept them just ignore my comment =p (I know a lot of people don’t)

    • kayuk said

      Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I am honored! I can’t see why anyone would not want to accept an award from a fiend who thinks they are inspiring. Isn’t that what we all want to do? To inspire our readers/listeners/audience?
      I don’ know about you, but I’m still thrilled every time I see a new comment, a new like, or a new vote. Like a kid on Christmas day.
      Your blog is amazing and I can certainly see why you received the award. I still find it hard to believe you’ve only been doing this for a few weeks, but from reading your blog I would hazzard a guess that there’s a lot you need to get out of the dark. Writing is a good way to do that, so just keep it coming. You definitely inspire me!!

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