Expectant Felines
Expectant Felines
find comfort in strange places
just before birthing.


Newborn Kittens
Staggering fur balls,
strange mewling, sucking noises;
new kittens nursing.


Seems to me that kittens
romp like crazy between feeds,
then sleep in soft balls.


Cattens spend their time
practicing mouse destruction
on other cattens.


Cats sleep in the sink,
and tell wild tales every night
of their catten days.



Failing Dog

My dog loves me well,

this even strangers can tell.

but she is not well.


Dog Healer

God made dogs so kind

’cause people have broken minds;

their souls dogs will find.


Dog Love

Love shines from dogs’ eyes

while family ignores them.

And hearts are hungry.


Spending in the USA

Rather than putting our country in debt,
even more than it has already dug itself,
spending taxes on foreign lands,
housing other countries, feeding them,
medicating them, repairing cities;
why not turn all those funds back
to projects our country desperately needs?

We have jobless, homeless, hungry here.
We have empty factories, vacant malls,
sick who need medical care,
veterans who live in cardboard boxes,
polluted water, falling bridges,
a collapsing economy that can’t continue
spending outside our country, building debt.

When will it end?
When will the light shine?
When will We The People take a stand?
For what once was a country with presence and pride?


This is dedicated to Doug.
 You’re right. Words have power.
Once spoken they resonate forever.
No matter what the future brings, you will always be a part of me. 

 I Love You

“I love you.”

The words are difficult to speak at first.
Three small words.

The meaning varies so much
from person to person,
from situation to situation.

“I love you.”

The words rarely mean the same thing to one
as they do to another.
They change, forever, the temper of a relationship.

They bare my soul and give you power….
power to accept or to refuse,
power to bring great joy, or great pain.

They present my open heart to you,
show my trust and faith in the possible,
ask for the possibility of trust and faith in return.

They offer my willingness to share intimacy,
physical, spiritual, and mental;
my innermost thoughts and beliefs,
desires, pains, memories, joys and triumphs.

They speak of my loneliness,
my selfish need to feel cherished,
my need to be allowed to protect and hold sacred
the heart I see in you.

They beg the questions:

“May I share your dreams?”
“Would you consider building a future with me?”
“Is there an empty place in your life and heart
that has been waiting for my life and heart,
as mine waits for yours?”

With these three small words
come small sharp shards of fear….
fear of rejection,
fear of disinterest,
fear that a heart that has never had love returned,
a heart so deprived,
may never trust,
never accept,
never open.

Still, I take this step forward to you.

I reveal my soul, my heart.
I oil the rusted bars and throw open the fortress door.
I give you the key with these three words:

“I love you.”


Trust a Dove
‘Tis a long sad tale I’m here to tell
of five lost years in the depths of hell.
Many friends, who knew me well,
know of events that wove the spell
and locked me in a self-made cell
through five long years of dark unwell.

The gate, locked tight through all those years,
was covered with rust of lost hopes and fears.
Emotions were draped in thin veneers
while wistful fingers held souvenirs;
memories of smiles from long past years.
My eyes often leaked scalding tears.

But years flow past and all the while
in a labeled box there grows a file
of every step taken, each memoried mile,
all carefully stacked, labeled and filed.
While I walked backwards across dark isle,
My life has morphed to a brand new style.

For long years past, blow by blow,
romance came in books starring handsome beau,
who lived on a hill in a quaint chateaux
with a deep dark past and an evil foe.
All desire I gave up, I’d rather not know
the feel inside of a heart all aglow.

But in through my cloud, all dusty with soot
came a dove for my heart and away it flew.
No, I wasn’t worried because I knew
that my heart was shriveled, dried through and through.
So the bird took my heart but I could make do
’cause who needs a heart with a blind point of view.

More months passed and a knight did I meet,
emotionally tired from recent defeat,
when down swooped that bird, dropped my heart at his feet!
I expected to see a hasty retreat,
instead, our eyes met, my heart started to beat.
He bent down for a kiss, thank you God, life is sweet.





Top dark man rules

But we’re not fools.

We have the tools

if we keep our cool

and fix our schools.


The house is quiet

….so quiet

My senses stretch

….searching in vain

for a hint of heartbeat

….of life.

I’ve had my shower

….read my book.

Worked on Sudoku

….till I can’t see.

Played computer games

….my mind is blank.

Time to head for bed

….I drag my feet.

Emptiness overwhelms me

….but I’m so tired.

I slide between cool sheets

….lay down my head.


It starts slowly

the spinning








of my mind.

I lay there

as it speeds up







I hold onto the bed



to stop

to slow

to break

the momentum

No use

I lay there

tears leaking


wetting the pillow


but too tired

to move

A century later

I sit up

while dirvish thoughts

chase themselves

through the labrinth

in my head

I drag

through the echoing

dead stillness

to the kitchen.

the spinning has slowed

I want tea

but have no energy

so I sit


why I’m still here

Thirty-eight hours

of awake

it’s a long way

to the door

1000 miles to the bed

my heart is hammering

I struggle to stand

slide my feet along

so slowly

like walking

through porridge

The bed approaches

creeping nearer


I observe from afar


as I fall into it

My eyes close

and my thoughts

start to swirl





Once upon a time it was easy to fall asleep. In fact, long ago I fell asleep on a motorcycle and almost tumbled off when the driver turned a corner. In my defense, I had been on the motorcycle for almost 9 hours with only a gas station break, was jammed between the driver and an enormous duffle bag, couldn’t see around his back, and all I could hear was the rumble of the motor. Fortunately, he grabbed me as I started to slide off and woke me up. Unfortunately, he pulled over and yelled at me for 15 minutes.DSCF2371b

We rolled into the next rest area—empty at 2:00 am—where I lay down on the pavement with my head on the curb and fell asleep for the 20 minutes it took him to find the bathroom in the dark and make it back to the parking lot. It’s probably a good thing I couldn’t see what I was laying in.

At that time my hair was waist-length and after that trip it took almost two hours to get all the tangles out. I don’t think it’s recovered to this day, and that was over 40 years ago. I’ve never had much of a desire to go motorcycle riding ever since.

Where am I going with this?? Oh yes, I give this story as an example of my past ability to sleep anywhere and anywhen. As you can guess from the title of this posting, there have been times when that is not the case. Situations change, lifestyles change, hormones imbalance, comfort level rolls over a hill, stress level climbs a mountain, friends go back to their lives, family is 2000 miles away, you find yourself suddenly alone after 30+ years of companionship…etc.

Well, this has been one of the highlight weeks of my writing career.

I am honored beyond belief that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by two of my favorite bloggers. I never expected an award and, at best, consider myself mediocre, so it came as a huge surprise when such versatile bloggers as Shane of Shane’s Book and Technology Blog and Patti at Petite Magique nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Shane is fairly new to the blogging world but has certainly impressed a lot of people with his writing skills in both the prose and poetry fields, as well as his insightful book reviews. I think he has a real knack for getting to the heart of a poem and capturing the essense of the meaning with his expert choice of words. Shane, thanks for the nomination from the bottom of my heart.

Patti has also been on the blogging scene for a short time, but has put together a beautiful blog filled with her own poetry, photography, and some incredible tips and photographic ‘How To’ postings–and had done it in two languages! Her poetry is set against stunning backgrounds of he own design for a true display of her versatility.

It it my honor and pleasure to be nominated by these two rising stars on the blogging scene.

Those of you who have read parts of this blog other than the Poetry page know a bit about my history.

For the poetry buffs, here is a brief synopsis:

About 5 years ago I lost my husband of 32 years after a two year battle with cancer. Since that time I have been emotionally adrift. The fires of my creativity have been banked so low that I don’t even remember much of the time between then and now. I know I started this blog because I read it and recall the events, though I wonder how I wrote those words when I could barely think. I guess there must have been moments of lucidity.

A little over six months ago I met someone who reached out a hand to me and showed me the way back to solid ground.

This is dedicated to one who has come to mean more to me than I ever thought was possible.


My Love, My Friend,
please read this with an open mind.
I am not trying to influence you,
only struggling to put my feelings into words.

From The Abyss
 For many years,
through many tears
I found trust.

I remember the feeling.
Absolute trust.

Trust that love was strong,
would survive anything,
that life was laid out and
would always be good,
that there was a place for me
a sanctuary where I was safe
from curves the world could throw.

Then, my world shattered.
One piece at a time,
over the course of years,
until the sky fell down
and the ground gave way.

I fell into a dark and bottomless pit
unable to find solid ground
severed and directionless,
wrapped in a numbing cocoon.
By choice unaware.

But in the darkness I felt a touch.
A hand reached out,
warm fingers stroked my cheek,
reminders that life continues
outside the abyss.

Gentle guidance led me
to solid footing and a ray of light.

At first, the light was too bright,
I had no strength to stand,
but time passed, my eyes adjusted,
my strength returned.

Like a phoenix I am rising
from ashes of the past
to a new beginning.

without that touch,
that hand,
that light


would I have drifted
beyond reach?


Camera’s Eye
They say the camera doesn’t lie.
“You look so tired these days.”

What you see is what you get.
“Did you put on some weight?”

My view of a photo of me
“What makes you think you’re pretty?”

comes through skewed filters
“You’re nothing special, you know!”

consisting of voices from the past,
“Do you really think you look good?”

Hopefully, your eyes see me through
a filter of friendship and love

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