November 11, 2014


A friend of mine wrote this. I was going to write one myself, but I couldn’t say it better.

Originally posted on Two on a Rant:


On the battlefield alone alive, there stands a battered man

with dirt and sweat upon his shirt, a weapon in his hand.

His face etched by sun and sand, his hands black with blood,

he listens to the emptiness and sees the setting sun.


“What was it for?”  He begs a sky still pouring into black.

“I asked the same,” another man proclaims behind his back.

The mirror image of his face reflecting in his eyes,

his enemy now stands with him to contemplate their lives.


“All I want is peace on Earth, a child, a job, a life,

to treat my neighbor as myself and worship as I like,

a fireplace for winter and a garden in the spring,”

his enemy did say to him, “not fight this wretched thing!”


“But…you want to destroy us, you want our lands–our wives.”

“And I was told the…

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Pink Excitement

October 25, 2014


Great effort by Liubov Kocketova!

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

The ever exciting Liubov Kocketova. Captured at the Bromont International, Quebec Canada.

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Derek Braun and Cujo 7

October 6, 2014



Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

DSC_7555 (3)_marked
Derek Braun and Cujo 7 captured at the International Bromont, 2014

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Aymen Tsouri & Lamborghini

October 6, 2014


Lovely photo from earlier this year.

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

Back Home in Bromont.com

I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad shot of these two. Both of them showed their fire and desire to win the moment they entered the ring and the crowd felt it. From the very first jump the audience held their breath at the take-off and cheered with every landing. Aymen and Lamborghini won the CCI 2** at the International Bromont this past summer. I can hardly wait until next year.

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Majestic Presence

August 12, 2014

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

DSC_0231 (2)_marked
Majestic presence,
exertion framed in curving,
flurried, sandstorm mane.

by, Floridaborne

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Upside Down Rain

August 2, 2014


Don’t you love eventing??

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

DSC_0712 (2)
Captured at the CCI 3* Event, Bromont Equestrian Park, 2014

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Originally posted on The Nudge Wink Report:


You’re sitting in the back seat of a car, staring out at the mountainside. It’s early morning and life is crashing around you like a Martian dome hit by an asteroid.

You’re reviewing the road that lead to this particular disaster, wondering what you could’ve done differently.

You could’ve rented a car—if you wanted to play a fearsome game of Rollerball on 4 wheels. A mere 15 years ago it was easy

but now? There’s 2000 pounds of vehicle weaponry times a million flying past in streaks of red, silver, and the unusual color du jour chosen by car companies during any given year. Some days it looks like they took all their leftover paint, mixed it together and called it a palatable name like “wine” or “dark ruby” instead of what it really resembles: Bruise.

anxietycrashThe mountain of anxiety growing inside you is threatening to blow like…

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Thanks to TVKapherr

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

Back Home in Bromont.com Todd Minikus, winner of the 2014 World Cup – International Bromont

If you weren’t there, here is your chance to see the highlights of Sunday’s World Cup at the International Bromont in Quebec, Canada. I hope you enjoy.


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Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

DSC_2106 (2)
Today at the International at Bromont, Quebec, Canada, Lexy Paynter riding Famous, won the Jump Canada Hunter event.
Congratulations Lexy.
DSC_2114 (2)DSC_2110 (2)
DSC_2159 (2)

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Two at a Time

July 20, 2014

Originally posted on Back Home in Bromont:

DSC_1333 (3)

Why bother wasting time clearing one jump. Why not 2 at time!

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